Who we are

Beal and Associates has been dedicated to serving Alaska since 1988. We focusing on Individual and Employer Group
needs in the area of Health, Life, Disability and Long Term Care.
We determine those needs through listening to what our clients wants and wishes are and then designing a plan to met
those goals. Since we broker insurance, meaning we have contacts with several Insurance Carriers. We can design a
plan verses a one size fits all approach which some of the larger captive Insurance Agencies are stuck with.
Always focusing on offering Quality and Service by treating our clients as we would want to be treated is our main goal.

Meet the Team

We are a one person Insurance Agency. Which allows us to focus on our clients from application to claims time. If you are a Beal and Associates client you will be contacted at lease once a year by letter or email to see if you have any questions.

The Associates part means we partner with other Agents and Agencies to met their clients needs in the area of Health, Life, Disability and Long Term Care. That way the other Agent can focus on what they do best and the client can have their needs met by someone who specializes in the areas mentioned above.

Mission Statement

To Profit by providing information and Insurance Products to my clients
Accomplishing this by establishing relationships built on Integrity. Serving my Clients as I would like to be served.
Doing everything in my power to help them reach their Goals.
Making Quality and Service the focus of how we do business.
Offering the highest Quality of Products the Insurance Industry has to offer.